Leak Detection In Bordon

Situated on the A3 and A325, Bordon is a key town in Hampshire for both businesses and residents. With an Eco-Town grading, this charming town is home to plenty of up-and-coming businesses and so the importance of optimal access to water is a must. With a leak affecting the water pressure of a commercial or residential building, the day-to-day operation can be disrupted, which is where our leak detection in Bordon comes in.

At Hamblin Watermains, we utilise our expertise and some of the best equipment available to offer fast and effective leak detection and repairs in the Bordon area. Our Contracts Manager and engineers have a wealth of experience in offering a seamless service, tailored to each individual case.

How Do I Get A Quote For Repairs?

If you are witnessing a drop in water pressure, water gathering on the surface of the grounds around your property or a complete lack of water supply, you could have a leak or a burst pipe. If this is the case, we can provide a quote tailored entirely to your individual case with our leak detection services in Bordon, dependant on the work that needs to be done and the extent of the leak.

We will take into account whether your cold water supply pipe needs a simple repair, or a complete replacement and will provide you with a no-obligation price quote according to this. In order to obtain this quote, all you have to do is get in touch with a member of our team and we will send our Contracts Manager to conduct a survey.

Your quote will then be emailed to you. If you want to go ahead with the works we will organise a suitable time to visit your home or business to complete the repairs.

What Can I Expect From The Repairs Process?

When you opt to continue with the leak detection and repairs process in Bordon, the method used may differ depending on what your property needs. A visible leak, for example, will only require the excavation of the ground around the pipe and the repair, while a non-visible leak will also involve sourcing the leak using our leak detection equipmentin Bordon.

In some cases, you may need a replacement supply pipe. If this is the case, we will utilise our hydraulicmolein order to lay the pipe with minimum land scars across your property. This pipe will be laid up until the boundary of your property.

Can I Get In Touch With Any Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding our leak detection techniques or the burst pipe repairs we can offer in Bordon, we are happy to accept enquiries via email, or through our online form. If you are unsure if you have a leak, you can get in touch with our team for a free survey by our Contracts Manager, as well as a no-obligation quote in the case that work is necessary.

You can either email us at info@hamblinwatermains.co.uk or give us a call on 0118 989 1500 to speak to our team, today.