Leak Detection Carterton

Leaks aren’t always visible and often you won’t even be aware that there’s something wrong until it’s too late, when you receive a massive bill from your water company or come to find you have no water left. 

Low water pressure in your taps, sounds of dripping or running when your water is off and new patches of grass appearing around your property are all signs that you may have a leak. So, should you notice any of them, immediately contact Hamblin Water Main’s Leak Detection Carterton services. 

Using the latest equipment, our Leak Detection Carterton team will be able to accurately locate any leaks in your property and diagnose the severity of the burst pipe or main. In most cases, they will be able to repair the broken component there and then, however, if a repair is not possible, the team will discuss the appropriate options with you as well as giving you a fixed quote for the necessary works. 

Burst Pipe Repairs Carterton

A burst pipe can occur at your property for any number of reasons, whether it be due to wear and tear, accidental damage by a workman, the cold weather, a faulty joint in the piping or unsuitable ground conditions. 

If you believe that a pipe has burst, it’s important that you contact our burst pipe repairs Carterton team, who will then send a Contracts Manager to your property completely free of charge. Upon acceptance of their quote, we will then mobilise a team to your house with all the appropriate equipment they need to make an immediate repair on your leak. 

If on inspection your pipes appear old or corroded, it may be the best option to replace them entirely rather than repair them, to eliminate the possibility of any further leaks. 

For more information on our burst pipe repairs Carterton services, click here.  

Burst Water Main Repairs Carterton

A burst water main is the most severe type of leak that can occur on your property and can become hugely costly if not repaired quickly and correctly. If you ever have a burst water main then it is of crucial importance that you contact the Burst Water Main Repairs Carterton team. 

On the day of the scheduled repairs, an easily identifiable van with the team will arrive at your property punctually. 

They will then isolate your water supply, by turning off the external stop clock, and begin to dig into the ground around the leak until the pipe is exposed. After letting any remaining water flow, our team of experienced engineers will then cut out the damaged component before replacing it with a new section of pipe and securing it in place. 

Then before they leave they will test the repairs by turning the stopcock back on and seeing if any water leaks out. 

Once your happy that sufficient repairs have been completed, our team will fill in the hole and leave you safe in the knowledge your water mains have been repaired.  

For more information regarding the services we provide here at Hamblin Watermains, don’t hesitate to contact us, today.