Leak Detection Chineham

Hamblin Watermains offers comprehensive leak detection and burst pipe repair service in Chineham and the surrounding areas, covering the entire area between the boundary of your property and the point where the mains water supply enters your home. We specialise in finding leaks, no matter where they occur. 

How Can Hamblin Watermains Get A Leak Repaired Quickly?

We have more than four decades of experience and this allows us to carry out leak detection Chineham wide and the subsequent repairs to the highest possible standard. In the first instance, we will respond to your enquiry by taking a number of details from you so that we can ascertain whether your leak is 'visible' or 'non-visible.'

Once we have all of this in place, we will then send our Contracts Manager to your property, and they will carry out a more comprehensive site survey. The information will include the nature of the work that is required to repair any pipework cracks or corrosion. With all of these points covered, we can then issue a full quote by email within a reasonable timeframe.

How Will The Leak Repair Be Carried Out? 

The first steps towards carrying out a burst pipe repair in Chineham will depend upon exactly where the issue in the cold mains water pipe is located. If we have discovered that the leak itself is in a visible section of the pipework, our skilled engineers will begin by removing any soil and other materials to reach the hole or crack.

If the problem is in a slightly trickier area to reach, a job that we would describe as 'non-visible', some additional work may be required to pinpoint the precise location with our specialised equipment. Once this has been completed, the actual repair process is exactly the same - we only remove the necessary surrounding materials, leaving a clean and tidy finish.

What Makes Hamblin Watermains The Most Comprehensive Leak Repair Service In Chineham? 

Apart from carrying out repairs to pipes and leak detection Chineham homeowners can rely upon, at Hamblin Watermains we offer a mains water pipe redirection service - we can also fit and repair fire hydrants and valves at your premises and for corporate property.

If you would like to get more information about our burst pipe repair services in Chineham, please do not hesitate to contact us- our experienced team will talk you through the first stages of the process and gather any details that are required. We will then take care of everything and arrange for our Contracts Manager to visit your property, and you will soon see why so many people in Chineham trust us to repair water mains pipe leaks with minimum fuss.