Leak Detection Farringdon

Leaks are incredibly hard to find and often won’t be detected until it’s too late. This could see you facing a huge bill or left without any water pressure altogether. 

Our Leak Detection Farringdon team use the latest equipment to accurately track down any leaks in your property and diagnose the severity of the burst pipe or main. Once they’ve located the opening, the team will do their upmost to ensure that the broken component is repaired on the same day. However, if this is not possible then they will discuss the appropriate options with you and write up a fixed quote for any work that needs to be competed. This means you can rest assured there will be no additional charges added onto your bill. 

There are a number of reasons why you would need to use our Leak Detection Farringdon services. This includes; new patches of grass springing up around your house, sounds of dripping or running when your water is turned off and damp spots appearing on your floor or ceiling. 

Farringdon Burst Pipe Repairs 

Hamblin Watermains also offer a variety of Burst Pipe Repairs Farringdon services as well. A burst pipe can occur for any number of reasons: 
If you believe that one of the above scenarios has occurred, it is of paramount importance that you contact the Hamblin Burst Pipe Repairs Farringdon team immediately. You will be put in contact with one of our contract managers, who upon acceptance of their quote will mobilise a team of experts to your home with all the appropriate equipment to complete a full repair on your burst pipe. 

If your burst pipe has been inspected and our team have found them to be old or corroded, it is recommended that you replace them entirely. This will eliminate the possibility of any leaks taking place in the future. 

Burst Water Main Repairs Farringdon

A shattered water main is the worst and most costly type of leak that regularly occurs within homes. However, provided you use Hamblin’s Burst Water Main Repairs Farringdon team, you will be more than equipped to handle even the most severe rupture.   

Let us take you through what a Hamblin Watermains experience typically entails:  

After a consultation, we will organise a day in which repairs can be scheduled to take place. We will send an easily identifiable van with our team inside who will arrive at your property in a punctual manner.  

Once you have become acquainted with our team, they will then turn off your house’s external stop clock, isolating your water supply and begin digging into the ground until the main is exposed. 

Allowing any remaining water to pour out, the team of engineers will then remove the damaged component before replacing it with a new section or piece of pipe and secure it in place.  

To test whether the repair was successful, your external stop clock will be turned back on and our team will check to see if the main is operating correctly. 

Once you’re happy that sufficient repairs have been completed, our team will fill in the hole and leave you safe in the knowledge that your water mains have been repaired.   

If you’d like more information on the burst pipe repairs Hamblin Watermains can complete, click here.