Leak Detection Slough

When you need quick and efficient leak detection Slough and nearby, turn to the experts here at Hamblin Watermains. With over 40 years of dedicated experience in the field of water supply maintenance and installation, we can alleviate any concerns over a potential leak and carry out repairs if required.

All our engineers are specialists in their field and can resolve leaking pipes or burst watermains after thoroughly detecting any leaks. Ideally, we can resolve this before the issue can progress, saving you huge sums of money further down the line. Whether it’s a property for commercial use or domesticresidence, we have the right service for you. Please note, we service between the point where the water supply enters the building to the external boundary of your property.

How We Can Help You With Leak Detection

Sometimes, a leak is not as obvious as you might expect, with some non-visible leaks so small that it can seem like an impossible job to resolve. Sometimes there are indications which you can normally act on, for example, if you notice water pressure is low when using taps, or the sound of running water when no taps or appliances are in use then you should reach out for leak detection in Bracknell, Slough and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not until you receive an unusually large water bill that the problem is obvious. Our leak detection Slough service aims to find out the cause and resolve it as quickly as possible.

We want to give you peace of mind, that’s why upon discovery of the leak in question, we will check the rest of the property to ensure this has been isolated. Using specialist techniques, we can detect even the smallest of leaks and then work out exactly the best way to resolve, whether that is via repair or replacement pipe. We can then give you a fixed price quote wherever possible and begin to resolve the leak in question.

Slough Watermains Expertise And Experience

When we detect a leak, we can normally work on resolving it as soon as possible, ensuring there is no further damage or issues caused. We want you to be confident with the service provided and will only carry this out once you are happy with the resolution offered. Most of the time, a burst pipe or leak is caused by corrosion that occurs with age. If we can repair this then that’s exactly what we’ll do, only offering to replace waterpipes if necessary.

Early Leak Detection, Minimal Disruption

Due to the nature of a water leak, even if a waterpipe has minimal damage, it can lose a large volume of water quickly. That’s why it’s important to act quickly if you discover any potential leak and contact us to begin the work.

We are proud to offer leak detection Slough services, and our friendly team are always on hand to help. As well as leak detection for Slough, we can also help you with complete watermains supply redirection as well as fire hydrant services. If you need to contact us, you can call on 0118 989 1500, email or send an online enquiry.