For help with Burst Watermains and Clean Water Pipes

From water leak detection to low water pressure our on-site teams are always equipped to provide an all-inclusive service.

In case of burst water mains get quick help with the team of specialists at Hamblin Water Mains. Our Thames Water approved and WIAPS approved engineers are fully certified and insured. We are always ready to provide you with an all-inclusive service, which includes:

• Leak detection.

• Emergency repairs.

• Maintenance. 

• Large or small water mains installations. 

Hamblin Watermains is recognised for high quality standards of installation, repairs and maintenance, all of which are compliant with the current Thames Water regulations.

What Needs To Be Done When In Case Of Burst Water Mains?

If you have a burst pipe, in order to minimise the damage, you should do the following: 

1. Turn off your water supply.

2. Drain the system by turning on all the cold taps and flush the toilet.

3. Switch off any heating systems that you have. 

4. Switch off electricity.

5. Get the burst water mains fixed by qualified professionals at Hamblin Water Mains.  

The all-inclusive service includes the replacement and repairs of the burst water mains and we use effective methods that help us deliver peace of mind for you. 

Experienced And Accredited Hamblin Water Mains Company

At Hamblin Watermains the team of experts are qualified and have all the necessary accreditations. The services provided by our company fully comply with the regulations and we have over 40 years of active experience performing installations, maintenance and repair of burst water mains for domestic and commercial customers. 

We also deal will all types of water leak detection, poor water pressure, corroded lead water pipes and commercial water installation. In addition, we are preferred by builders, developers and contractors in water mains. The clients Hamblin Watermains serviced include Thames Water, Reading Borough Council, HomeServe, Bracknell Forest homes and others. 

Hamblin Watermains offers you a free site survey, which is carried out before any work is started. You will also be provided with a competitive quote with the possible scope of the work and the costs. Contact Hamblin Water Mains directly for more details. 

Hamblin Watermains

Poor water pressure

Older pipes are simply too narrow to provide adequate flow for modern demands.

» Resolving poor water pressure

Hamblin Watermains

Water leakage

We use the latest water leak detection equipment to trace the position of a leak underground.

» Water leak? We can help

Hamblin Watermains

Corroded lead water pipes

Replace corroded lead water pipes with modern MDPE pipes to improve the flow of water.

» Replacing corroded lead pipes

Hamblin Watermains

Commercial water installation

We are a preferred supplier to many builders, developers and contractors.

» View our commercial services

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Our clients include

Bracknell Forest Homes

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Oxford City Council

Thames Water

Reading Borough Council