Leak Detection

Having been experts in the industry for over 50 years, count on the Hamblin Watermains team for a thorough service. If you find yourself noticing unusual signs which could indicate that you’re facing a leak, we will attend as soon as possible to carry out a free site survey and provide you with a competitive quote for water leak repair or water pipe replacement. Should you find yourself unsure if you are facing a leak, here are some of the key signs that you should look out for:

  • Surprisingly high water bills
  • Low water pressure from your taps
  • Whistling or running water sounds when your taps are off
  • Newly green patches of grass around your property

Once we arrive at your property to carry out a leak detection survey, we will use our specialist equipment to accurately locate any leaks to establish the course of action required. We invest into the latest tools and stay up to date with the most effective practices so we can work quickly and accurately, helping you get back to everyday life in no time. In most cases, we can carry out water pipe leak repair on our very first visit but should this not be possible, we will discuss the options that are available to you and provide you a fixed price quote. Off the back of leak Detection in Reading, surrounding areas and across the South East, we will not carry out any further repair or replacement work without your consent and guarantee no hidden fees along the way.

Leakage Detection


Water Pipe Leak Repair

After identifying the source of the problem, effective water leak repairs will be carried out to resolve the issue. Working with you to cause the least possible disruption to your day and leaving your property with minimal scarring, we pride ourselves on providing a considerate and efficient service. Our professional team will communicate with you from start to finish so you can gain a thorough understanding of the issue and the options available for water pipe leak repair, getting professional recommendations to prevent the issue from reoccurring going forward.

Visible Water Leak Repair

In some cases, the location of a leak is easy to identify. A particularly green patch of grass, damp patch on the driveway, water pooling or bubbling are all indicators of the area where the leak is on your water supply pipe. With this information, we are more likely to be able to provide an accurate quote for the work needed for water leak repair and will arrange an efficient site visit from our Contracts Manager. With your go ahead, we will arrange for a crew to attend your property with all of the necessary plant and equipment they need to undertake immediate leak investigation and water pipe leak repair. Upon completion of the work, we also carry out additional checks to ensure that there are no further leaks on the supply so we leave with peace of mind that your property is back up and running as normal.

Lead Water Pipe Replacement

In certain scenarios, replacing the water paper completely is a more effective solution than carrying out water leak repairs. Old pipes can become problematic as they corrode with age and risk further leaks occurring. Damaged or corroded pipes can lead to hidden leaks that reduce the water pressure to your home, causing problems with your washing machine, power shower, dishwasher and central heating system. By replacing the supply pipes completely, the possibility of further leaks is reduced and can become more cost effective than continuing to repair old pipes. During the process, we use a thrust bore mole to install the pipe which causes less disruption to the surface, resulting in less land scarring. As well as issues with corrosion, older pipes can also fail to provide adequate flow for modern demands due to their narrow design so may benefit from an upgrade.

If you are considering lead water pipe replacement, we offer a free of charge survey. Our Contracts Manager will attend your property to assess the site and provide you with a fixed price quotation for increasing the size of the pipe at your property or carrying out lead water pipe replacement for corroded pipework.


Trustworthy Water Pipe Leak Repair & Investigation

At Hamblin Watermains, we strive to offer a reputable service which our customers can turn to time after time. By providing an honest service with cost-effective recommendations, we carry out quality work for your peace of mind and aim to minimise the risk of the same issue reoccurring. We will leave your property as we would like our own to be left in the same situation, clean and tidy with as little as possible disruption to the land so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

When our team arrives to your property, the Hamblin Watermains logo will be prominently displayed on our clothing as well as our vehicles so there is no doubt that the right people are coming to your home. Our engineers travel fully equipped with all of the plant and equipment they need to carry out the job from start to finish so we can get the job done as soon as possible.

If you’d like to arrange a free of charge visit from our Contracts Manager to quote water leak repair, moling services, or lead water pipe replacement, please contact our friendly office staff who will be happy to arrange a date that works for you.