Lead pipes are no longer used due to the health concerns that are associated with them, so if you think there’s a chance that any of your water mains are still made of lead it’s time to enlist the services of Hamblin Watermains and replace the component so that you can minimise any risks to your health.

Although your water supplier is responsible for the water main pipe and for lead water main replacement, you the homeowner is responsible for the water supply pipe which brings water into your house from the main in the street. If you believe that the water main in the street could be made of lead and is flushing lead into your water supply, then you may want to consider contacting your water supplier and letting them know. You can then find out the lead pipe replacement cost.

Over the years, we have worked with a number of local councils and utility companies in order to provide lead water pipe replacement across the UK. We offer an efficient lead water main replacement service with a low lead pipe replacement cost, in order to help ensure that your water main is not bringing in any remnants of lead to your home’s water supply.

Hamblin Watermains completes every job, no matter how large or small, to the highest of standards. When it comes to our lead water main replacement, you can be certain that you will be receiving the highest levels of professionalism and quality of service at all times.

If you know that the water main in your area is in need of replacement or you have suspicions, make sure to contact Hamblin Watermains, so that we can advise you on the best course of action to take when it comes to your lead pipe replacement cost.

Lead Water Main Replacement

There are a number of easy ways to check to see whether your pipe is made out of lead. The first can be done by examining the pipe that runs from the outside of your home to your stop tap, which is generally found under the kitchen sink or in a downstairs toilet. If the pipe is a distinctive dark grey colour, which is soft to the touch and can be easily marked, then you have a lead pipe.

However, if you do discover that the majority of your pipes are copper, you’re not out of the woods just yet. As we have already mentioned, if you know that your home was built before 1970 then there’s a significant chance that your supply pipe could still be made of lead, and you will be in need of lead water pipe replacement.

If you’re unsure whether you have lead pipes, you can get a second opinion from one of our expert plumbers in order to confirm whether you’re in need of a lead water pipe replacement or not.

Affordable Lead Pipe Replacement Cost

If you discover that you’re in need of a lead water pipe replacement, our Contracts Manager will come to your property free of charge, in order to carry out a small site survey and give you a fixed quotation price. After this site visit, we will then mobilise a crew to your property in order to ensure that the lead water pipe replacement is carried out immediately and provide a lead pipe replacement cost.

Also, if you’re hoping to get rid of any traces of lead that you believe might still be in your pipes, then we’ll be more than happy to carry out some additional excavation services to ensure your water supply is completely uncontaminated.

For more information on the lead water pipe replacement services that we carry out, contact us on 0118 989 1500, today.