Who Is Responsible For The Water Supply Pipe?

A water supply pipe runs underground and connects your property to the fresh water supply, providing your entire home with clean water to use. With your water supply pipe being out of sight, its condition can often be overlooked which could lead to issues if the state is poor. In most cases, the water pipe was installed when the home was first built and has not been replaced since, meaning the condition has had the chance to significantly Read More

Finding A Water Leak Under Concrete

A leak in your water pipe can be caused by numerous reasons but catching the problem early on will help reduce the risk of any further damage. The initial concern of a leak may be heightened if you suspect finding a water leak under concrete, making leak detection a bit trickier than usual. Although it can be harder to identify and reach the issue, we discuss how to go about finding a water leak under concrete and what to do to get it sorted Read More

How to Tell if a Pipe is Leaking Underground

There can be a number of reasons for water leaks occurring, but spotting them early on will mean the problem can be solved before it escalates. Knowing the tell-tale signs of an underground water leak can help you identify any indicators of a problem and call on professional leak detection during the early stages. An unusually high water bill Noticing a sudden increase in your water bill without any significant lifestyle changes is Read More