How to Find a Water Leak Underground: An Expert’s Guide


Water is a precious resource, but when it starts seeping underground unnoticed, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Undetected underground water leaks can damage your property, increase your water bills, and even jeopardise the safety of your surroundings. In this…

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What Is Leak Detection and When Do I Need It?


Whether you have woke up to a visible leak in your home or are noticing some non-visible indicators that there may be a problem, it is important to get the issue seen to as soon as possible. For many people…

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What To Do Next If Your Water Bill Is Too High


Nobody like’s the feeling of receiving a bill at the best of times, let alone being faced with a surprisingly high water bill. If you suspect that your water bill is too high, it can be an alarming prospect that…

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How To Keep Outdoor Water Pipes From Freezing


As the weather starts to turn and the colder months are ahead, the freezing temperatures can cause problems for home owners all across the country. This is no different for your outdoor water supply pipes, with the possibility of them…

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How To Detect A Water Leak In Your Home


There are various reasons that could explain a leak from your water supply pipe, but identifying the cause can be tricky if you’re unsure how. Many of the initial signs of a water leak aren’t immediately obvious, being subtle changes…

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Knowing the Signs of an Old Water Pipe


With your water supply pipe being located underground, keeping an eye on its condition is tricky. Although they are designed using heavy duty yet low maintenance materials which can last for decades, they are not exempt from problems and will…

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Replacing VS Repairing A Damaged Water Pipe


When you have an issue with your water supply pipe, it can be a stressful time. Whether you are seeing the physical signs of a leak, are noticing an unusual change in water bill or have noticed a sudden drop…

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The Types of Water Supply Pipes Commonly Used in Homes


Whether you’re facing ongoing problems with your water mains pipe and are thinking of water pipe replacement or are trying to identify the types of water supply pipes that are used in your historic property, we’ve pulled together a list of…

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Understanding a Sudden Change in Water Pressure


If you find yourself noticing a sudden change in water pressure, there is likely to be an underlying reason behind this. In some cases, you may find that bad water pressure can be caused by minor issues such as too…

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What Is Causing A Water Leak In The Garden?


Noticing the signs of a leak can be alarming at the best of times, but what happens when you notice a water leak in the garden? Spotting an unusual build-up of water in a certain spot outside of your property…

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The Difference Between Plumbing and Leak Detection


If you find yourself in an unexpected situation at home, knowing who to call can help save valuable time and get the issue resolved in the most quick and efficient manner. Although both plumbing and leak detection experts are skilled…

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Who Is Responsible For The Water Supply Pipe?


A water supply pipe runs underground and connects your property to the fresh water supply, providing your entire home with clean water to use. With your water supply pipe being out of sight, its condition can often be overlooked which…

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Finding A Water Leak Under Concrete


A leak in your water pipe can be caused by numerous reasons but catching the problem early on will help reduce the risk of any further damage. The initial concern of a leak may be heightened if you suspect finding…

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How to Tell if a Pipe is Leaking Underground


There can be a number of reasons for water leaks occurring, but spotting them early on will mean the problem can be solved before it escalates. Knowing the tell-tale signs of an underground water leak can help you identify any…

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