Nobody like’s the feeling of receiving a bill at the best of times, let alone being faced with a surprisingly high water bill. If you suspect that your water bill is too high, it can be an alarming prospect that leaves you questioning your household usage, wondering what was so different over the past month. In some cases, a high bill is a key indicator of an undetected leak which may require professional leak detection to identify the problem. Before you start to panic about the prospect of a deeper issue, we’ve pulled together some of the potential causes for a high water bill.

New household appliances 

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook how much water our household appliances use up, especially when we can’t see it. If you have had any new additions to your home or have upgraded your appliances to a new model, could this be the reason that your water bill is too high? Whether it’s the addition of a new en-suite bathroom, a new dishwasher or an upgrade to a power shower, these can all use a high volume of water on a day to day basis. It is also worth checking if all of your appliances are working as they should, ruling out the potential of any leaks from faults which could cause water loss.

A change in season

As the weather begins to change, so does our lifestyle. Especially in the warmer months, we naturally use a higher volume of water and this can really show when we receive our monthly bills. If you feel your water bill is too high, think about what additional extras you have been using and whether you’ve had any extra guests in the house which could increase consumptions. Big uses of water in the summer include paddling pools, garden sprinklers and jet washing, all adding up the amount of water we get through as a household.

An undetected leak underground

If the above reasons do not seem to be enough to justify why your water bill is too high, it could be a sign of a leak from your water supply pipe. A leak is not always immediately visible, with potential for it to be left undetected for some time before action is taken. Look out for the key signs of a water leak such as an unusually low water pressure or pooling outside of your property that doesn’t dry up, as these could explain why your water bill is too high. If this is the case, we strongly advise contacting us as soon as possible so we can undertake leak detection. One of our experienced team members will attend your property to identify the source of the problem and recommend the best approach, undergoing repairs or replacement should they be required. If you’d like to speak to us, do not hesitate to get in touch today for more information.