As the weather starts to turn and the colder months are ahead, the freezing temperatures can cause problems for home owners all across the country. This is no different for your outdoor water supply pipes, with the possibility of them freezing as the temperatures drop and risking further problems occurring. As the water sits inside the pipe, it can freeze solid and cause expansion which makes the pipe at risk of bursting, or alternatively, frost can appear on the outside of exposed pipes and cause the temperature within to drop. Knowing how to keep outdoor water pipes from freezing will not only ensure that your properties water supply is not affected, but it will prevent the risk of weather damage occurring.

Keep the pipe covered

Providing an added layer of insulation is often a necessity, reducing the likelihood of the pipes freezing over as the temperatures drop. Sponge pipe coverings are easily available at many hardware stores at an affordable price point, easily fitting over the water supply pipe. Pipe insulation is especially recommended for exposed pipes which do not have any protection from the elements.

Maintain a continuous flow

As stationary water is more susceptible to freezing, keeping it moving is one of the key ways of knowing how to keep outdoor water pipes from freezing. The natural running of a household will tend to maintain a consistent flow of water but if you are not home much or live alone, turning on the taps from time to time will help prevent the build up of any ice within the pipe.

Keep the house warm

In many setups, the warmth of the home keeps the water supply pipe at a reasonable temperature. If you are leaving the property for longer periods of time, such as holidays or work trips, it can be beneficial to leave the heating on a low setting whilst you are away. Alternatively, another method of how to keep outdoor water pipes from freezing is to drain the water system completely if you plan on being away for a long period of time.

What to do if your water pipe has already frozen

If it is too late to ask how to keep outdoor water pipes from freezing as you are currently faced with the issue, fear not. Poor water flow or no water flow could mean that water is not able to get through due to a frozen blockage but using warm water on the accessible areas of the pipe will gradually warm up the area to get you back to normality.

If you are struggling to resolve the issue or your pipe has burst from the pressure, it is important to call on professional leak detection services immediately. By getting the leak located as soon as possible, appropriate action can be taken to get you back up and running in no time.