Whether you have woke up to a visible leak in your home or are noticing some non-visible indicators that there may be a problem, it is important to get the issue seen to as soon as possible. For many people who have not previously encountered a leak from their water supply pipe, it can be a daunting experience that leaves you asking ‘what is leak detection and where do I find it?’.

The aim of leak detection is to access the watermains pipe and identify the area which is leaking, undergoing any necessary repairs to prevent any further issues from occurring. Leak detection specialists will be required to undergo this work as they have the knowledge and equipment required to reach the pipes, often being underground and difficult to access. By being able to identify the source of issues in a timely manner, your leak detection specialist will be able to locate the problem and recommend the best approach, ensuring the necessary repairs are carried out in due course.

When to call for leak detection

Now that you can confidently answer ‘what is leak detection?’, establish whether it is the necessary approach for your situation. Depending on the signs of a leak you are noticing, knowing whether to call a plumber or a leak detection professional by narrowing down the type of problem will ensure you avoid wasting time and unnecessary expenses.

When it comes to your water supply pipe, the underground location tends to make spotting any leaks tricky. Often remaining undetected at first, keep an eye out for the following signs to know when to call on a leak detection specialist:

  • An unexpectedly high water bill An ongoing leak can become apparent if you notice an unusually high spike in your water bill which doesn’t reflect your usage.
  • Low water pressure If you notice that the flow of water reaching your appliances has suddenly lessened, this can indicate that the water is unable to make its way into the home due to a leak on the way.
  • Pooling around your property An unusual pool of water which does not clear up is an indicator of a potential leak underneath. If left unnoticed for a period of time, you may notice the grass changing colour or an uneven surface on a concreted driveway.
  • The sound of water Although not always noticeable if you live in a louder area, unusual sounds can be heard if something is not functioning as it should below the surface. Any flowing, dripping, bubbling or whistling sounds should be looked into.

Who to call upon

Whether you are dealing with a current issue or are researching ‘what is leak detection?’ in case of any future occurrences, having a local expert you can count on will ensure you can get the problem addressed quickly. Here at Hamblin Watermains, we aim to be by your side in a timely manner and will provide you with a no-obligation quote for any work which may be needed, so get in touch to speak to a member of our team.