If you find yourself noticing a sudden change in water pressure, there is likely to be an underlying reason behind this. In some cases, you may find that bad water pressure can be caused by minor issues such as too much demand for water within the household or an open water valve which can be resolved quickly and easily. However, unexpectedly bad water pressure can also be a key indicator that you are facing a leak and may require professional leak detection.

Bad water pressure from a leak

Spotting a sudden change in water pressure should be immediately obvious, especially if you have lived in your property for some time. Unusually low water pressure could be an indicator of a leak coming from your water mains pipe, effecting the flow of water that can reach your faucets. If the water pressure is particularly poor, it can imply a more severe leak so should be addressed immediately.

If there is some damage on the pipework supplying water to your home, it will be your responsibility to source an expert who is able to locate the problem and repair the site of the leak. In some cases, faults can become a frequent occurrence if the quality of the water mains pipe has deteriorated. More commonly noticed in older houses, the pipework can be prone to issues and will end up being more cost-effective to undergo complete water pipe replacement.

Resolving a sudden change in water pressure

If you are unable to identify any other potential reasons for bad water pressure, eliminating the chance of a water leak should be carried out in a timely manner. Here at Hamblin Watermains, we understand the urgency that can be faced off the back of a sudden change in water pressure so are able to undergo a site survey to check your property. A Contracts Manager will attend your property free of charge to identify the source of bad water pressure and establish the best approach to take.

Should you be correct in thinking that the bad water pressure is being caused by a water mains leak, our teams are highly skilled in repairing the problem. We travel in fully equipped vehicles so that we have access to the key tools we need to quickly locate the source of the problem with minimal disruption to the ground. We will recommend the best course of action and provide you with a fixed price quote for any work needed, not going ahead until we have your permission to do so.

 If you have noticed a sudden change in water pressure and are concerned at the prospect of a leak, do not hesitate to get in touch today. Our friendly team are more than happy to have a chat to see whether your situation requires an expert to attend and answer any questions you may have.