Whether you’re facing ongoing problems with your water mains pipe and are thinking of water pipe replacement or are trying to identify the types of water supply pipes that are used in your historic property, we’ve pulled together a list of the most common types of water supply pipes used in residential homes.

  • MDPE pipe
    Standing for medium density polyethylene and most commonly blue in colour, these types of water supply pipes are becoming a popular choice over more recent years. The lightweight system is easier than other materials to work with but uses strong and durable materials which are fit for purpose underground.
  • Lead pipe
    Lead pipe was one of the more common types of water supply pipes used many years ago so can still be found in older properties. Over time, the condition of the pipe work can deteriorate and cause issues with corrosion and hidden leaks. Lead pipe does not tend to be used today and replacing old lead water mains pipes is often recommended to reduce the likelihood of a contaminated water supply.
  • Cast iron
    Being one of the more popular types of water supply pipes nowadays, cast iron pipes are effective for water distribution. They are a more affordable option yet are highly durable and not at risk of corrosion. Although once implemented they have sturdy characteristics, a professional is required to implement them as they are prone to damage when in transit and being connected.
  • Copper
    Copper is often used for pipes which will be used to carry hot water and can handle intense pressure. Although a more expensive option, it is a high quality option which does not pose any threats to health and can be cut relatively easily.
  • PVC plastic
    Increasingly popular for the water mains pipe, PVC is suitable for temperatures below 45 degrees celsius. Being low in cost and non-corrosive, many homeowners opt for this over more expensive types of water supply pipes. The combination of plastic and rubber is relatively simple to install and offers an effective solution.

If you are struggling to decide on the best types of water supply pipes for your property or are requiring leak detection when suspecting an issue, we are on hand to help. The team at Hamblin Watermains are highly trained to reach the external water mains pipe with minimal damage, identifying the source of any issues and recommending the best approach for your personal situation.

In some cases, replacing the water pipes completely is more cost effective than having to continually repair old and corroded pipes. In this case, we will undergo a free site survey and provide you with a fixed quote for the job so you can make the best decision for you. Should you go ahead with the replacement, we use a thrust bore mole to install the pipes for a less disruptive process to the surrounding ground.