If you find yourself in an unexpected situation at home, knowing who to call can help save valuable time and get the issue resolved in the most quick and efficient manner. Although both plumbing and leak detection experts are skilled when it comes to dealing with pipework and blockages, their skillsets vary to provide two completely different services. To put it in simple terms, a plumber is trained to work on individual appliances within the home including boilers, sinks and toilets whereas a leak detection service relates to external watermains pipework, mostly underground, with a specialised set of skills.

For the most common issues, here is where to turn if you are faced with a sudden problem in your home and you are unsure who to call on:

Dealing with a water leak

If you are noticing any of the key signs of a leak or suspect that something isn’t quite right, it’s always advisable to contact a specialist leak detection company. In this situation, the key difference between plumbing and leak detection services is that most plumbers are not equipped with the necessary tools to detect the issue and carry out the relevant repairs.

The following signs are indicators that you could be facing a water leak so if this is the case, contact a leak detection specialist as soon as possible so they can source the problem in the most effective manner and carry out specialist repairs without causing as much damage.

  • An unusally high water bill with no change in usage.
  • Areas of puddling around the home where you would not usually expect.
  • The sound of running water when your appliances are off.

Resolving a blocked sink or toilet

A blocked sink, toilet or shower is a common household occurrence which can not only prevent them from working correctly, but can lead to an unpleasant odour making its way into the home. Whether you are faced with a poorly flushing toilet or an overflowing sink, a plumber is best equipped to deal with the nature of these issues. In this situation, plumbing and leak detection specialists differ as plumbers are trained to deal with pipe work within the home whereas leak detection is related to the external watermains pipe which supplies the entire home with water.

Implementing a new water supply pipe

If your home is undergoing some renovation work, creating an extension to fit a growing family or transforming completely to achieve your dream home, you are likely to require some changes in your water supply. To create a new entry point for water, the pipes will need to be redirected or upgraded to suit the demand. Do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange a survey in order to discuss your requirements and know you have the best team for the job!