With your water supply pipe being located underground, keeping an eye on its condition is tricky. Although they are designed using heavy duty yet low maintenance materials which can last for decades, they are not exempt from problems and will require leak detection specialists to carry out any inspections. Especially in period homes, old water pipes are more prone to problems as they are likely to have remained untouched for many years. As well as their age, technologies were not as advanced back then so the materials used to create old water pipes may not be up to the standard we see nowadays.

If you suspect that your old water pipe may be causing issues; it is always worth getting it checked to see if water pipe replacement is likely to be required. Here are some of the signs that an old water pipe is not fit for purpose anymore:

Poor water pressure

A sudden dip in water pressure is one of the easiest signs for a homeowner to notice as it effects their everyday lifestyle. Although it can be caused by various issues, a loss of water power over a period of multiple weeks may be an indicator that your old water pipe is not able to meet your demand. The number of appliances which require a water flow has increased drastically over the years, so your old water pipe may not be suitable for such use, causing a deterioration in its quality.


Corroded water pipes are an indicator that your supply pipe needs replacing in a timely manner as it can cause larger problems if left untreated. Although it is tricky to spot if the pipe is showing signs of corrosion, especially if they are from the inside.

Cracked pipes

As your pipes age, they become more prone to splits. If your old water pipe is regularly splitting, it tends to be more worthwhile replacing it than putting more money into repairs. The signs of a split pipe can often be visible from above ground, with unusual pooling which doesn’t clear up or low water pressure indicating that your water is not able to freely flow through the old water pipes. If the split is significant, it can lead to a costly water bill, so ensure you reach out to a professional if you suspect a split water pipe.