When you have an issue with your water supply pipe, it can be a stressful time. Whether you are seeing the physical signs of a leak, are noticing an unusual change in water bill or have noticed a sudden drop in water pressure, getting the issue sorted early on is important. Once leak detection has been carried out to identify the location of the problem, that is only the first step. When it comes to a damaged water pipe, it is worth evaluating whether to get the issue repaired or whether it is more cost effective to undergo complete water pipe replacement to prevent reoccurring issues. 

Repairing a damaged water pipe

Once the location of the damaged water pipe has been sourced, professional repairs more often than not will be able to resolve the issue. Specialist equipment can be used to reach the problem and repair the fault so you can get back up and running as soon as possible. A trustworthy leak repair expert will carry out checks to ensure that there are no further issues so you can be sure that your damaged water pipe is safe to use as normal.

Replacing a damaged water pipe

Although the thought of replacing damaged water pipes completely can be intimidating due to the amount of work needed and the investment, in some cases it is a more logical approach. For a badly damaged water pipe which is prone to faults, spending money to repair the issues as they arise is not a long term solution and may be losing your budget.

Old properties are prone to damaged water pipes as the condition has deteriorated over time and may not have been manufactured from quality material in the first place. As the condition worsens, the wear and tear can cause further issues during expansion and contraction, increasing the risk of a burst pipe or more leaks. Lead water pipes are often used in properties built before 1970 and are also recommended to be changed due to the nature of the material, posing a threat of lead making its way into your properties water supply.

If you decide to replace your damaged water pipe completely, there are various options available. The modern technology available means your new water supply pipe can be implemented with less surface damage than more traditional methods, leaving less damage to your garden space.

Request a free site survey

If you are weighing up the options of repairing your damaged water pipe or replacing it, do not hesitate to reach out. We will arrange for our Contracts Manager to visit your site, free of charge, to carry out a site survey and recommend the best approach for you. Once we have a better idea of the condition of your water supply pipe, fixed price quotes can be offered so you have a better idea of the job at hand and can make an informed decision with expert advice.