Finding a water leak can be one of the worst things for you and your property. Fortunately, Hamblin Watermains offers leak detection Goring services, providing water leak repair and water pipe replacement.

How Can Hamblin Watermains Resolve Leakage Issues?

Discovering a water leak or burst pipe can sometimes be very difficult and isn’t always an obvious puddle or wet surface. That’s why our specially trained engineers can come to you and look to find the root of the cause with minimal disruption through leak detection in Bracknell and across Berkshire.

Hamblin Watermains provide leak detection Goring wide, using specialist tools we can get to the bottom of your issue and offer you repair or replacement depending on the severity and as soon as the problem is found. We use specialised tools and modern equipment to ensure your leak is remedied efficiently, with minimal disruption and excavation damage.

Why Leak Detection And Repair Are Important

There are some signs of a leak you may notice and worth checking out, including a sudden rise in your water bill expenditure, noticeable low pressure from running water and sometimes even the sound of running water when no taps or appliances are in use. These can all point towards the need for leak detection and in any of those cases, it’s best to act quickly.

If left undetected, a damaged water pipe can potentially cause damage to a property, early detection is the best way to prevent large repair bills and further damage. Trusting a reputable company to carry out any leak detection and repair is very important, that is why when we discover a leak, we will carry out a further inspection of the property to ensure we have isolated the issue.

What Happens After A Leak Is Detected?

With 40 years expertise in water supply services, we can detect and resolve water leaks or burst pipes to ensure that your property, whether it’s domestic or commercial in nature, is back and functioning normally quickly. Please note, if the leak or repair is discovered externally to the property between the external boundary and the water supply point of entry, we can help.

Wherever possible, we will give you a fixed price quote and outline whether the leak is from a pipe that can be repaired. Sometimes due to excessive corrosion, a repair is not always the most practical option. Hamblin Watermains are equipped to then offer to replace the pipe and resolve the issue in this way.

Whatever the solution, we will only proceed to carry out a repair or replacement if you are fully confident and happy with what we can do. This way you can trust that we will only offer to replace pipe work, as opposed to repairing the damage, if completely necessary.

If you’re in need of our help and want to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today. As well as leak detection Goring, we can assist with water mains supply redirection, pipe size increase and fire hydrant installation or maintenance.

Call us on 0118 989 1500, email us or fill out our online form and we’ll be happy to help resolve your watermains issues!