Leak Detection

If you're looking for leak detection, burst pipe or water main repairs, you've come to the right place. Here at Hamblin Watermains we've been providing the highest quality leak detection services to our domestic and commercial clients across the South of England for more than 50 years. Whether you're struggling with unexpectedly high water bills or low flow on your pipes, we're confident that we can help with our expert leak detection and repair services prior to damage being done outside of your property.

Surprisingly high water bills, low water pressure on your taps, dripping or running sounds when your taps are off, and newly green patches of grass around your property are all signs that you may have a water leak. If this is the case, a member of our expert team here at Hamblin Watermains can visit your property and carry out a professional leak detection survey. Using our many years of expertise and the latest leak detection equipment, we will quickly and accurately locate any leaks on or under your property, and in most cases we can repair the leak right then and there. If a repair is not possible we will discuss with you the options that are open to you and give you a fixed price quote wherever possible to carry out the necessary works.

Leak Repairs

Our leak repairs are always carried out in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Here at Hamblin Watermains we take pride in the quality of our leak repairs, and how we can complete the task at hand while causing the least possible disruption to your day and your property. Whatever the leak you're dealing with at your property parcel courier, you can rest assured that with Hamblin Watermains you will be treated to the most efficient, most professional leak detection and repair services around. We will also leave your property with the minimal of scarring, making sure that you can enjoy your garden for years to come.

Visible Water Leak/Burst pipe

It may be that you can visibly see the area where the leak is on your water supply pipe. Some ways this may show are as a particularly green patch of grass, a damp patch on the driveway or water pooling or bubbling.

After a site visit from our Contracts Manager and acceptance of our quotation, we would mobilise a crew to attend your property with all the plant and equipment they need to make an immediate repair on the leak. They would also check that there are no further leaks on the supply.

New Water Supply Pipe

If your pipes are old or corroded pipes, it may be that the best option rather than to repair the leak will be to replace the supply pipes completely to eliminate the possibility of further leaks. Our Contracts Manager will come to your property free of charge to carry out a small site survey and to give you a fixed price quotation. We use a thrust bore mole to insert the pipe which means less disruption to the surface and less land scarring.

Redirection of Water Supply Pipes

If you are making a change to your property, maybe adding an extension or conservatory, or landscaping your garden and your water supply pipe is in the way then we will come and survey to redirect it around the property to a new entry point.

Low Flow

Older pipes are simply too narrow to provide adequate flow for modern demands; damaged or corroded pipes cause hidden leaks that reduce water pressure to your home affecting washing machines, power showers, dish washers and central heating systems. We offer a free of charge quote to survey and give you a cost to increase the size of the pipe at your property.


At Hamblin Watermains we pride ourselves on leaving the property clean and tidy with as little as possible disruption to the land taking into account the work that we have carried out, just as we would like it to be left at our own properties.

Our Crews

Our engineers carry with them all the plant and equipment they need to carry out the job from start to finish which means they will be with you the least possible time so as to avoid disruption. They have our Hamblin Watermains logo prominently displayed on their clothing and on their vans so there is no doubt as to who is carrying out the work for you. Our employees are all courteous and polite and are happy to keep you up to date with what work they are carrying out and how the job is proceeding should you wish to know.

Office Staff

Please contact our friendly and informative office staff who will be happy to arrange a free of charge visit from our Contracts Manager to quote for any works that you require. You will usually receive your quotation on the next working day via email, or by post if you prefer.


10/10 New water main.

"Fantastic company great blokes great job pity more company's aren't like this." Customer in Maidenhead
10/10 Leak on water supply in to house

"Very professional, helpful and on time, cleaned up afterwards." Customer in Reading
10/10 Leak on water supply in to house

"The response from Hamblin was immediate and very helpful workforce were courteous and efficient and a senior manager liaised throughout to solve the problem." Customer in Wokingham
10/10 Water supply pipe replaced

"Fantastic, the guys were clean, tidy, friendly, explained everything really well. They even put back all soil that I dug up. The garden looked better than before work started!" Customer in Basingstoke
10/10 Replacement of water supply piping.

"Very professional first class service. A pleasure to deal with." Customer in Maidenhead
10/10 Relay water main

"Absolutely fantastic, came when they said, charged what they said. Friendly, co-operative." Customer in Guildford