For comprehensive and professional leak detection Earley residents and business owners can trust, Hamblin Watermains can take care of everything from the initial inspection to the final repairs of water mains pipes. We have a great deal of experience with domestic and business premises and our standards of customer service make us one of the most trusted names for burst pipe repairs in the region. We can repair any mains pipework between your property's boundary and the point where it enters the premises.

How Does Hamblin Watermains Respond When You Report A Leak?

Unlike other companies that may only take a few details for leak detection in Earley, at Hamblin Watermains, we ask a number of very important questions when you first make an enquiry. This allows us to start planning for your final repairs straight away, and our Contracts Manager will arrive on site with a well-rounded understanding of the task ahead. His job is to perform a site survey and identify exactly where the leak or leaks have occurred, while also ascertaining the exact nature of the damage. This could be a crack, a hole, or ongoing corrosion.

Our contracts manager will then take all this information back to HQ and prepare a quote following leak detection in Reading and surrounding areas. Once you are happy with the fixed-price quotation, we will arrange for our expert engineers to visit your property and start work.

What Does A Hamblin Watermains Burst Pipe Repair Involve?

Our team arrives at your premises fully prepared to undertake the job, and for visible leaks, we excavate the necessary amount of earth to reach the site of the damaged water mains pipe. A small amount of extra investigation may be required for non-visible leaks, but once we have a clear location, the process to reach the damaged area is the same.

Our 40 years of experience in this industry have given us a huge amount of expertise. We can identify when a problem is too large to be repaired, and so in the event that your burst pipe repair in Earley requires a new section of pipework, we carry it out with the help of a thrust bore hydraulic mole. This method minimises damage to the immediate area, and the same principles apply to any job that we carry out – we don't remove any more soil than is absolutely necessary to ensure that we leave a clean repair behind.

What makes Hamblin Watermains stand out above the rest for leak detection in Earley?

Repairs aside, our team is capable of more complex works, including the redirection of mains water supply piping, the installation of fire hydrants, and the fitting of valves.

As you will already be aware, it is vital to act quickly as soon as you notice a mains water leak, and so you shouldn't hesitate to make an enquiry with Hamblin Watermains.There is a very good reason why our customer base includes many repeat clients – it is simply because of our combination of fantastic customer service and unrivalled technical expertise.