Finding the source of a leak can be difficult. Though the damage and the inconvenience is clear to see, the actual source of the problem can seem impossible to locate. Leaks are not always immediately obvious – you may be able to simply hear dripping water rather than see it or you may be encountering low water pressure. 

If you have a suspected water leak, you need the kind of leak detection Newbury homes and businesses rely on every single day – courtesy of Hamblin Watermains. 

Finding The Problem

Our team will be dispatched to your site as soon as possible. On arrival, will utilise our unbeatable combination of tried and tested industry experience mixed with the application of the latest in leak detection technology. We will perform a comprehensive survey on your property between the ISV and the outside stop tap to find the source, or sources, of your leak. We will also check to ensure no damage has been done elsewhere in your piping system. 

Hamblin Watermains provides leak detection Newbury citizens can always feel confident in. Our extensive industry experience allows us to isolate the sources of leaks quickly to provide unbeatable leak detection in Bracknell, Newbury and across Berkshire.

Efficient Pipe Repairs

At Hamblin Watermains, we pride ourselves on our effective, professional service. We will collect as much relevant information as possible before on-site action. Our teams, led by one of our Contracts Managers, will then excavated the area to reach the damaged pipe.

Hamblin Watermains are equipped to serve residential and commercial areas. We will be able to identify the nature of the issue, whether it’s a crack, a hole or an ongoing corrosion problem.

We strive to minimise our impact on the surrounding ground and always leave a safe, clear site. We try to remain as environmentally friendly as possible and never remove anything unless it is absolutely necessary.

What Makes Hamblin Watermains Stand Out Above The Rest For Leak Detection in Newbury?

Hamblin Watermains have more than 40 years of experience in our industry. We can treat burst watermains and detect leaks in the most challenging locations, but our primary concern is our service to you.

We understand the time-sensitivity of dealing with a burst pipe, so Our friendly and helpful team are always available to act quickly after your initial enquiring. Our service is tailored to you, so if you suspect your water mains is suffering from a leak, we can conduct water main repair or water pipe replacement.

Get in touch to speak to one of our specialists today, whether you need to raise the alarm of a burst pipe in the Newbury area or discuss a commercial project.