5 Signs Of A Water Pipe Leak

A water pipe leak can be both inconvenient and costly if left unrepaired for too long as it can end up causing damage to properties and belongings. A water pipe leak is not always obvious or easy to spot but it is crucial to identify them as early as possible to minimise damage and prevent any major harm to your property.

The experts at Hamblin Watermains have identified the easiest ways to detect a water pipe leak following years of experience in leak detection Swindon and surrounding areas. We recommend you check your property for these 6 signs of a water leak to ensure everything is working as it should.

Increased Water Bill

No one likes to receive an expensive water bill. If you have been subject to an unusually or unduly large water bill it could be a sign you have a water leak.

Your bill is increased because the water is escaping, telling your provider that you are using the water and they have charged you for the consumption. If you have received an alarming water bill, you can check if you have a leak by closing the internal stopcock. If your meter is still moving around you are likely to have a water pipe leak.

Hamblin Watermains provide quick solutions for signs of a water leak, starting with leak detection if you have received a concerning bill.

Hearing Water Around Your Property

Unusual water noises can indicate you are experiencing a leak; these can include bubbling noises, whistling and loud or consistent dripping. If the pipes that run through your home and run to your property are not up to date, you will be more vulnerable to a leak.

Please note, if your property was built before the 1970s you should also check for lead pipes.

Finding Puddling or Pooling

Noticing puddles that don’t dry up after rain is the most obvious signs of water leaks. This can be anywhere on your property, in the street and in the grounds or garden around your home, you should contact Hamblin Watermains as soon as possible.

Low Water Flow

If your taps are running at a trickle when they don’t normally, this may be a sign of a leaking pipe on the water main supply. Whilst you may have a lower flow at busy times of the day due to high demand on the water authority’s service, if it is persistent then this is one of the key indicators or signs of a water leak on your cold water main. It is imperative you contact a professional watermains team as you will require a thorough leak detection survey. Hamblin Watermains can fix your water pipe leak and restore the flow to optimal performance quickly and efficiently.

Changes in the Ground

Leaking external pipes will cause changes in the surface of the ground outside of your property. If you notice soft, sunken areas of ground in your garden during dry periods, this could be a sign of water pipe leaking below the surface. Watch out for uneven growth of grass, areas of very healthy lawn could be receiving more water than the rest of the garden due to an underground leak. Additionally, outside paving or brickwork may be damp and become unstable due to an increased water level beneath the surface. 

If you notice any of these signs in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Hamblin Watermains for a free of charge quote to carry out leak detection and repair. The longer a leak goes undetected, the more costly it can be and the more damage it can cause.