When you take into account how much water we use from day to day, it can leave you really considering the impact this can have on our environment, as well as your pocket. From flushing toilets to outdoor hosepipes, many common uses are easy to overlook but can really add up in the long run. As well as taking a step in the right direction for the planet, knowing how to save water can definitely save you a few pennies down the line!

Here are our 5 key water saving tips which you can easily implement in your home on a day to day basis:

Avoid letting the water run when brushing your teeth

We’re all guilty of it, but keeping the tap running whilst brushing your teeth is one of the biggest culprits. Being one of the simplest ways to save water, turning the tap on only when needing to rinse your toothbrush will make a big impact. Those 3 minutes definitely count!

Reducing unnecessary washing machine loads

Running washing machines and dishwashers can be costly, consuming both electricity and water. If you’re looking at how to save water, think about whether you’re guilty of running loads which are only half full to make sure you have that pair of jeans ready to wear on the weekend. Limiting the use of these appliances is one of the most effective ways to save water in your home with very little impact on your lifestyle.

Thinking about how to save water outdoors

Of course we need to take care of our plants and give our car a good wash, but is there better ways to save water? Definitely! Watering your garden with a watering can rather than a hosepipe and using a bucket of water and sponge for your car will save a great deal of water usage and cut a nice chunk off of your annual costs. For one of our bonus water saving tips, watering your plants in the evening will reduce evaporation to keep your plants hydrated for longer.

Reducing the time spent singing in the shower

Again, we’re definitely guilty here, but if you’re looking into how to save water consumption then it’s time to think about how long you’re spending soaking in the shower every day. The shower makes a great place to sing your heart out and daydream underneath the warm blanket of water, but regular long showers result in a lot of water waste. Limiting the time you linger in the shower and making a conscious effort to have a quick shower can go a long way.

Knowing how to save water in the long run

On top of making these small lifestyle changes, taking a look into your plumbing system could highlight any ongoing issues which could be costing you a fair share. Any small leaks or old pipes could be increasing your water usage without you even realising. The team at Hamblin Watermains are specialists in leak detection at affordable prices, so do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange an appointment with a member of our expert team and receive some handy water saving tips.