There can be a number of reasons for water leaks occurring, but spotting them early on will mean the problem can be solved before it escalates. Knowing the tell-tale signs of an underground water leak can help you identify any indicators of a problem and call on professional leak detection during the early stages.

An unusually high water bill

Noticing a sudden increase in your water bill without any significant lifestyle changes is one of the key ways of knowing how to tell if a pipe is leaking underground. Check your past few bills and if the price increase doesn’t add up, calling on a professional to run some checks is advisable.

A drop in water pressure

One of the other key signs of an underground water leak is a sudden change in water pressure. Although a change in water pressure can be caused by various other reasons, it is important to rule out the chance of a leak before it has time to worsen. If your water pipe is leaking, the water will not be able to flow as freely past the problem area and will mean the water pressure in your home may drop. Try flushing the toilet and running water in your sinks to check if the problem is consistent throughout your home.

Discoloured running water

An issue with your water pipe can mean that dirt or rust can make its way into your water supply. If you are noticing some discolouration or an odour in your water, these signs of an underground water leak are worth getting checked out immediately so the health of you and your family is not put at risk.

Puddling around your home

Although underground leaks are often tricky to spot visually, the excess water can start to impact the ground around it. To know how to tell if a pipe is leaking underground, look out for unusual puddling in the street or your driveway and keep an eye out for a particularly damp area of grass which may cause some discolouration. This is a key indicator that something is going wrong underneath the ground which required immediate attention.

What to do if you spot signs of an underground water leak

If any of the above signs of an underground water leak sound familiar, it’s time to take action! An underground leak can quickly turn problematic and cause further damage if left untreated so get in touch with the team at Hamblin Watermains today. With over 50 years of experience providing leak detection and repair, there’s no better team to know how to tell if a pipe is leaking underground.