Do you think you may have a burst water pipe? There are 2 types of burst pipe, visible and non-visible.

With a visible leak you will be able to see some signs of the leak around your property. It may be that you can actually see the water flowing or maybe you have patio slabs that feel like they may have water underneath them. This is a simpler leak to fix and we will initially excavate at the source of the water and hopefully replace the section of pipe with the leak.

A non-visible leak is slightly more problematic. You may have been informed by the water company that you’re water bill is extremely high and a leak is the probably cause. Maybe you can hear a sound of water running when there are no taps on. There are many ways you can be alerted to a water leak without actually seeing it. In this case we will quote to locate the leak using the lastest equipment and we can then excavate and repair the leak.

In all instances we will backfill and reinstate where we have excavated to leave as little scarring as possible.

If you think you may have a visible or non-visible leak call our professional team who will be happy to arrange a FREE OF CHARGE quotation for you. 0118 989 1500.