We are proud to be in partnership with Thames Water after being chosen for lot 2 in the Thames Water Framework Award. Thames Water have now selected all of their 7 lots; consisting of contractors who will partner with them to as part of their biggest programme yet, we are thrilled to be a part of it.

What is involved for Thames Water contractors?

The Thames Water AMP7 contractors selected will be involved in the £350 million scheme to improve and maintain Thames Water’s vast infrastructure. From replacing underground water pipes with the latest technology to reducing leaks by 15% over the upcoming years, the plans are ambitious and we’re ready to take on the challenge.

The aim of the projects is to maintain Thames Water’s assets which currently consists of 510 reservoir cells, water towers and contact tanks over 340 sites. Thames Water describe their purpose to “deliver life’s essential service, so our customers, communities and the environment can thrive”, their partners all work collaboratively to meet these aims and provide an outstanding service.

Working with Thames Water since 1968

Hamblin Watermains actually have a long term partnership as Thames Water contractors, dating all the way back to 1968. We have been operating as a Tier 2 Thames Water contractor under a previous Framework, but as of the 1st October 2020, we have partnered for a further 3 years through the Framework Award which will help cement our relationship. Operating out of the heart of the provinces, giving easy access to the Thames Valley, we are able to undertake work across assets of all kinds.

We are delighted to continue our partnership with Thames Water under FA1467 and are looking forward to getting stuck into the biggest programme so far. We aim to deliver Thames Water’s visions and goals, you can always count on the Hamblin Watermains team to go above and beyond. Alongside our specialism in leak detection in Bracknell and surrounding areas, our services range from pipework installation to reservoir cleaning, leaving us well equipped to work as Thames Water AMP7 contractors who provide unbeatable solutions.

Why Hamblin Watermains have been picked as Thames Water AMP7 Contractors

As a family run business who have been specialists in the water industry for 50 years, you won’t get a better service. Hamblin Watermains is currently owned by two brothers, Andy and Darren, who work alongside their team of industry professionals who go above and beyond to provide the highest standard of work for their customers.