You may think that it is a cheaper option to try to repair your own water main if you think you have a burst. But many people that attempt to do this end up coming to us to finish or rectify the job, and in some cases it can cost you more for us to repair your attempts than if you had called us in the first instance for leak detection in Reading and surrounding areas. Here are some of the issues you could encounter:

The main could be buried deeper than you think

Water mains are generally put in at a depth of .750m, so unless you have some power equipment you may end up with quite a lot of digging to do. Our engineers will attend your property with a fully equipped van and compressor to assist with the excavation.

The water leak is not where you thought it was

Water will take the easiest route it can to escape. So even if you have water showing in one area of ground, or in a manhole, that is not necessarily where the leak actually is. You could start digging in completely the wrong area. Our engineers have many years’ experience in the water main industry and have leak location equipment to see if this is the situation on your property.

You could end up damaging another area of the water supply pipe or another service to the property

If you start digging in an incorrect area there is a possibility that you will dig into the water main in another area, causing another leak that will need repairing and may cost you more money in lost water.

Without the correct detecting equipment there is also the possibility of hitting another utility pipe or an electricity, gas or cable service, or even a sewage pipe. Getting these repaired can be costly and inconvenient if they cannot be repaired immediately. Our engineers use Cable Avoidance Equipment to ensure that we are not digging in an area with other services around.


If you manage to repair the leak then you will want to leave the area with as little land scarring as possible and will need to purchase and match materials to do this. When we carry out a survey to your property we will check what surface cover you have and will ensure our engineers carry the materials they will need to reinstate the excavations they make, keeping land scarring to a minimum.

Speed of repair

Without the correct knowledge, equipment and materials it can take a while for you to find, excavate, repair and reinstate the leak area. Our engineers are experts in their field and will carry this work out with ease and speed. They carry a large supply of repair materials avoiding the need to leave site prior to the repair being completed. 


Many water authorities want to know that the repair has been carried out by a registered WIAPS or TAPS certified plumber. We can issue a certificate on completion of the works to prove to the water company that you have had the leak repaired professionally. If you are eligible for a water leakage allowance this will be essential for you to claim back money.

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