This is a question we get asked frequently. It’s understandable that if you have a problem, e.g a water leak, reduced flow rate or other issue on your water supply pipe, or if you want a replacement pipe, that you would want it resolved quickly and smoothly. It’s a concern for many of our clients, especially as it may not be something they’ve experienced before.

We move quickly! 

When you contact us, the first step of the process is generally to arrange for our knowledgeable Surveyor to come out and assess the works you require through leak detection in Bracknell, Reading and across the South of England.  In most cases he will get the quotation over to you the very next working day.

The Next Steps

Once you have had a chance to look at the quote and decide what action you would like us to take all you need to do is fill in the attached acceptance document that will be sent with your quote and then return it to us. You can phone us to let us know you’d like us to go ahead with the work and we can book it in there and then. Depending on workloads we will endeavour to book your work in within 10 working days, but sooner if at all possible.

Smooth Process

Our aim is to make your experience with us as smooth and straightforward as possible and assist you through the process as quickly and painlessly as we can. You can rest assured that when you contact us we will work swiftly to help you resolve your water issue.

Contact us today!