I have a Water Meter but how do I know if I have a leak on my water supply pipe?

This is a question we get asked a lot! Especially if you can hear a noise that you can’t pinpoint where it is. Follow this simple process to establish if you have a leak:

Using Your Water Meter 

Step One

Find where your internal stop valve is and make sure it works. You will find this where the water enters your property, the most popular places for this are under your kitchen sink or in the downstairs cloakroom. It may be harder to find if you have had extensions to your property.

Step Two

Turn off your internal stop valve and look at your meter. If the meter is still going round, even slowly, when the stop tap is isolated then this means you have a leak on your water supply pipe. If the meter is stopped then you may have an internal leak and you should contact a local plumber to look at your internal pipes.

Step Three

If you have a leak on your water supply pipe then don’t delay, call us at Hamblin Watermains. We will give you a quote and repair your leak to save you money and worry.

Hamblin Watermains are specialists in the repair of water leaks on your cold mains water supply pipe.