The big question amongst many of our customers is what the difference between water flow and water pressure is, which is why we have created this guide to help both residential and commercial property owners to understand the two.

What Is Water Pressure?

Water pressure is the term used to describe the speed of the water as it travels through the pipes. This speed is determined by the amount of force used to move the water through these pipes; the higher the pressure, the faster the water can get to you, meaning that there is a bigger force behind the water when it exits the pipe. Water pressure is what guides the water through the pipes and around your house or commercial property. This pressure is measured in bars, with 1 bar being the force required to raise water 10 metres, and most of the time it is relatively constant because your local Water Board has control over the water pressure.

What Can Alter Water Pressure?

The pressure of the water at your tap is dependant on how high above your home a water tower or service reservoir is, as well as how much water is being used elsewhere. The pressure can vary at different times of the day, with it being higher later at night, opposed to in the morning or evening, as there is less of a demand for the water.

In addition to the time of day, a leak can also have an impact on water pressure, as the water can escape the pipe instead of travelling to its destination. In this case, leak detection in Bracknell and across the South of England needs to be considered.

How To Increase Water Pressure?

If you are experiencing low water pressure, as previously mentioned, this could be for a number of reasons. So, how can you increase it?

If the reason for your water pressure being low is because of a leak, get in touch with Hamblin Watermains and our repair and leak detection services will fix any issues causing your water pressure to not be up to standard. Our specialist cannot increase the water pressure beyond the standard bar that is set by your supplier, but they can return it to normal. If you want to increase your water pressure beyond the standard, you will need to contact your local Water Board.

What Is Water Flow?

The difference between water flow and pressure is that water flow refers to the amount of water that s distributed. This is measured by volume and the term defines the amount of water that travels through the pipe after a length of time. Water flow doesn’t have an impact on water pressure, but water pressure can influence water flow.

What Can Impact Water Flow?

The size of your pipes can impact water flow; if you have narrow pipes, not enough water can get to all the places where it’s required. In a property, if you turn on a tap, most of the water will be directed to that tap, meaning that other appliances may experience low water flow if they’re used at the same time.

Leaks and pipe restrictions can also influence water flow, which you will need a professional to detect and repair.

How To Increase Water Flow?

Unlike water pressure, a specialist can improve water flow. Typically, the reason for low water flow is the size of the pipes, so simply by increasing the size of the pipes, more water can travel through the pipes to the taps. If you are looking at installing a power shower, you may want to consider increasing your water flow to be able to benefit from the new shower. At Hamblin Watermains, our team can help to increase water flow at your property.

To find out more information about our services or the difference between water flow and water pressure, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.