The nervous feeling you get when you open your water bill is one that many can relate to, particularly when the bill is a lot higher than normal and you haven’t budgeted for it. Instead of worrying about it, the best thing to do is try to work out the cause of the financial increase so you can prevent it from occurring again. Let’s look at some of the ways you can identify why your bill is abnormally high, below.

Do You Use Water Outside Of Your Home?

During the summer months, you may be using your hose outside to water plants, fill up paddling pools and wash your car. Without even realising it, this will be adding precious pounds to your water bill by the second, which is why there is no surprise that your water bill will be more expensive during the summer months.

How Many People Use The Water?

The amount of people using the water in your property will determine how much water that is being used. You may have had some family or friends staying for a couple of days or even longer, or your child may have come back from university. Your water bill will notice an impact if the toilet is being used more, as well as taps, meaning that with more people living in the house it’s very easy to rack up a costly water bill quickly.

Think About Your Appliances

If the amount of people living or staying in your property hasn’t changed, then it’s worth looking at your appliances. You may have had a power shower fitted, which uses more water than standard showers or even a new dishwasher or washing machine. These will all contribute to a higher water bill at the end of the month.

There Could Be A Leak

If there hasn’t been more people using the water at your property, you haven’t had new appliances installed and you haven’t been using water outside, there is a high chance that your property may have a leak in your supply pipe. If your water has less pressure than normal or pools of water in your property, you need to get in touch with a specialist for leak detection in Reading and surrounding areas as soon as possible. The quicker you can treat the leak, the sooner you can get your water bill back to the original price. In the meantime, the best step to take is to shut off your internal stop valve and to see if the meter is still moving. If it continues to move, this is a definite indication of a potential leak.

Do You Have Water Softeners?

If you have a water softener then this could also be a reason why your water bill is unexpectedly high. The systems use the water to clean the filter media and the systems can get stuck in a cycle, which will cause more water to be used.

If you would like more information about how we can detect and fix a leak at your property or to find out more about what could be causing your big water bill, get in touch with our experienced team, today.