What Should You Do If Your Water Pipe Bursts?


If you notice a water pipe has burst, it is essential to act quickly to limit the amount of damage it causes whilst waiting for a professional to arrive for leak detection in Bracknell and surrounding areas. Leaking water can…

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How Do We Locate A Waterleak Thats Not Visable?


Water leaks in pipes aren’t always visible. Most non visible leaks are so small or so well hidden that without the right detection tools you wouldn’t even know they were there, until you receive a big bill from your water…

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The History Of Our Business, Hamblin Watermains


The History of Hamblin Watermains It isn’t just our company logo that has undergone a new transformation but our website as well. To celebrate our brand new and improved website, we thought we’d take a time warp, right back to…

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Can Frozen Water Pipes Cause A Pipe To Burst?


Now that the freezing weather has passed you may find that as your underground pipes thaw out there is the possibility of bursts. The freezing weather will freeze the water in your underground water supply pipe, or in the pipe leading…

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Water Leak Detection In The Basingstoke Area


If you live in Basingstoke and you think you may have a water leak then contact Hamblin Watermains for an expert service from start to finish. We will come out FREE OF CHARGE to your property in Basingstoke to carry…

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How Do I Know If I Have A Burst Water Pipe?


All of the above signs are an indication that you might have a burst water supply pipe. Your water supply pipe runs from the outside stopcock to the inside stopcock. These are the taps that you use to isolate the…

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