What To Do To Help Increase Water Flow In Your Property

At Hamblin Watermains, we wanted to take the time to address a subject that has confused more than a few of our customers, and that is the difference between ‘water pressure’ and ‘water flow’. While these two things might seem quite similar, there is a lot more going on in your pipes that make these two things different: What is water pressure? Water pressure is the term use to describe the speed of the water Read More

4 Things To Think About If You Get A Big Water Bill

Many of us will relate to that awful, sinking feeling that comes with receiving a water bill that is much higher than what you are normally used to and budget for. Before you begin worrying and panicking, consider that there may be a straightforward explanation to the sudden spike in price before calling for leak detection in Swindon or surrounding areas. An increased bill or higher direct debit payment is a direct indication that you are Read More

What Are The Main Causes Of A Pipe Bursting? Hamblin Blog

When it comes to a burst pipe, it can be extremely inconvenient and it can also affect your day-to-day routine. On top of this, a burst pipe can also be quite costly, particularly if a leak or burst pipe causes extensive damage to your property and belongings. Knowing how to spot a leaking pipe is important, but knowing what causes a pipe to burst can be invaluable, as you may be able to prevent a leaking or burst pipe before it happens. Read More