Stopping Pipes from Freezing during Winter

Throughout the cold winter spells, preventing frozen pipes is important for many property owners across the country. If the water inside the pipes is stationary, it is likely to freeze when the temperature drops and prevent running water from accessing your property. The common signs of pipes freezing in winter are no water or just a trickle when the tap is turned on or you may even notice a frosty appearance on an area of an exposed pipe. Read More

We have been awarded as Thames Water AMP7 contractors!

We are proud to be in partnership with Thames Water after being chosen for lot 2 in the Thames Water Framework Award. Thames Water have now selected all of their 7 lots; consisting of contractors who will partner with them to as part of their biggest programme yet, we are thrilled to be a part of it. What is involved for Thames Water contractors? The Thames Water AMP7 contractors selected will be involved in the £350 million Read More

How To Detect A Pipe Leak Underground At Your Home

Leaks can be a stressful time for many homeowners; detecting the source of the issue can be a challenge if it is underground, but it is important to catch the problem quickly to avoid substantial water damage. An indoor pipe leak is often easy to identify quickly. The puddles on the floor or drips from the ceiling are very problematic and disruptive, but tend to be sorted swiftly. However, it is not always easy to know how to detect pipe Read More