Signs My Watermain Might Be Leaking, Hamblin Blog

How do I know if my water main is leaking? There are 2 different types of water mains leaks on private properties. The first is a visible leak and the second an underground leak that is not visible. The Visible Leak If you have a visible leak you will be able to see water escaping at some point around your property. This may be anything from a damp patch or puddle that stays present during dry weather, a greener Read More

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Water Leak?

This is a question we get asked frequently. It’s understandable that if you have a problem, e.g a water leak, reduced flow rate or other issue on your water supply pipe, or if you want a replacement pipe, that you would want it resolved quickly and smoothly. It’s a concern for many of our clients, especially as it may not be something they’ve experienced before. We move quickly!  When you contact us, the Read More

Who Should I Call To Fix My Water Leak? Hamblin Blog

We hear this sentence a lot from our customers that ring up after finding out they have a water leak. They may have received a letter from their local water board saying they have checked and found one or even worse received a very high water bill. If they have had to call in a plumber to check their water it may be the plumber that tells them it’s an external water supply pipe leak. It may also be that there is a damp patch or visible Read More