How Do We Locate A Waterleak Thats Not Visable?

Water leaks in pipes aren’t always visible. Most non visible leaks are so small or so well hidden that without the right detection tools you wouldn’t even know they were there, until you receive a big bill from your water authority or find you have no water. With leak detection services as one of our specialties, we know the best methods and have the right equipment to detect leaks that you can’t even see thanks to our Read More

What To Do To Help Increase Water Flow In Your Property

At Hamblin Watermains, we wanted to take the time to address a subject that has confused more than a few of our customers, and that is the difference between ‘water pressure’ and ‘water flow’. While these two things might seem quite similar, there is a lot more going on in your pipes that make these two things different: What is water pressure? Water pressure is the term use to describe the speed of the water Read More

4 Things To Think About If You Get A Big Water Bill

Many of us will relate to that awful, sinking feeling that comes with receiving a water bill that is much higher than what you are normally used to and budget for. Before you begin worrying and panicking, consider that there may be a straightforward explanation to the sudden spike in price before calling for leak detection in Swindon or surrounding areas. An increased bill or higher direct debit payment is a direct indication that you are Read More