What Are The Main Causes Of A Pipe Bursting? Hamblin Blog

When it comes to a burst pipe, it can be extremely inconvenient and it can also affect your day-to-day routine. On top of this, a burst pipe can also be quite costly, particularly if a leak or burst pipe causes extensive damage to your property and belongings. Knowing how to spot a leaking pipe is important, but knowing what causes a pipe to burst can be invaluable, as you may be able to prevent a leaking or burst pipe before it happens. Read More

The History Of Our Business, Hamblin Watermains

The History of Hamblin Watermains It isn’t just our company logo that has undergone a new transformation but our website as well. To celebrate our brand new and improved website, we thought we’d take a time warp, right back to the past. All of us here at Hamblin Watermains are a proud company that has been carrying out work for utility companies and corporate and domestic customers for over 40 years now, and we are even more Read More

How Should You Be Using Your Water Meter?

I have a Water Meter but how do I know if I have a leak on my water supply pipe? This is a question we get asked a lot! Especially if you can hear a noise that you can’t pinpoint where it is. Follow this simple process to establish if you have a leak: Using Your Water Meter  Step One Find where your internal stop valve is and make sure it works. You will find this where the water enters your property, the most Read More