Can Frozen Water Pipes Cause A Pipe To Burst?

FROZEN PIPESNow that the freezing weather has passed you may find that as your underground pipes thaw out there is the possibility of bursts.The freezing weather will freeze the water in your underground water supply pipe, or in the pipe leading to your outside tap, causing it to expand, it is only when the thaw happens that the leak becomes visible.If you notice a pool of water, or a particularly icy area on your property, this could very Read More

Why Has My Water Bill Increased? Do I Have A Burst Pipe?

Have you received a large bill from the water authority and no idea why. Some of our customers have received bills totalling thousands of pounds and they weren’t even aware they had a water leak.  If you have a water meter then getting a large water bill can be the first indication you have of a water leak. If you call the water authority they are likely to tell you it is your responsibility to get it fixed and this can be Read More

We Are Now Thames Water Approved Plumber, Hamblin Blog

At Hamblin Watermains we pride ourselves on our work and by carrying out our work in a professional manner and in line with industry standards it has enabled us to become Thames Water Approved Plumbers. The benefit to our clients of this is that we are able to self certify our work. If you do not use an approved plumber then you will need to leave the excavation open for Thames Water to view and then certify and only then can the Read More