The Types of Water Supply Pipes Commonly Used in Homes

Whether you’re facing ongoing problems with your water mains pipe and are thinking of water pipe replacement or are trying to identify the types of water supply pipes that are used in your historic property, we’ve pulled together a list of the most common types of water supply pipes used in residential homes. MDPE pipe
Standing for medium density polyethylene and most commonly blue in colour, these types Read More

Understanding a Sudden Change in Water Pressure

If you find yourself noticing a sudden change in water pressure, there is likely to be an underlying reason behind this. In some cases, you may find that bad water pressure can be caused by minor issues such as too much demand for water within the household or an open water valve which can be resolved quickly and easily. However, unexpectedly bad water pressure can also be a key indicator that you are facing a leak and may require Read More

What Is Causing A Water Leak In The Garden?

Noticing the signs of a leak can be alarming at the best of times, but what happens when you notice a water leak in the garden? Spotting an unusual build-up of water in a certain spot outside of your property is a key indicator of a burst water pipe underneath the ground. Before calling for professional leak detection, many home owners like to be absolutely certain that the signs they are seeing align with a leak so we are here to explain the Read More