The Difference Between Water Flow And Water Pressure

The big question amongst many of our customers is what the difference between water flow and water pressure is, which is why we have created this guide to help both residential and commercial property owners to understand the two. What Is Water Pressure? Water pressure is the term used to describe the speed of the water as it travels through the pipes. This speed is determined by the amount of force used to move the water Read More

5 signs you might have a water leak at your property

5 Signs Of A Water Pipe Leak A water pipe leak can be both inconvenient and costly if left unrepaired for too long as it can end up causing damage to properties and belongings. A water pipe leak is not always obvious or easy to spot but it is crucial to identify them as early as possible to minimise damage and prevent any major harm to your property. The experts at Hamblin Watermainshave identified the easiest ways to detect a water Read More

Signs My Watermain Might Be Leaking, Hamblin Blog

How do I know if my water main is leaking? There are 2 different types of water mains leaks on private properties. The first is a visible leak and the second an underground leak that is not visible. The Visible Leak If you have a visible leak you will be able to see water escaping at some point around your property. This may be anything from a damp patch or puddle that stays present during dry weather, a greener Read More