How to Tell if a Pipe is Leaking Underground

There can be a number of reasons for water leaks occurring, but spotting them early on will mean the problem can be solved before it escalates. Knowing the tell-tale signs of an underground water leak can help you identify any indicators of a problem and call on professional leak detection during the early stages. An unusually high water bill Noticing a sudden increase in your water bill without any significant lifestyle changes is Read More

Why is my Water Bill so High? - Hamblin Blog

Receiving an unusually high water bill can be baffling for many property owners, wondering how they could have used such excessive amounts of water. On top of being just a financial concern, a high water bill can be a sign of a leak which requires urgent leak detection before the problem has time to worsen. When asking yourself ‘why is my water bill so high?’, it’s important to be aware of these common reasons in order Read More

How to Save Water in 4 Easy Steps

When you take into account how much water we use from day to day, it can leave you really considering the impact this can have on our environment, as well as your pocket. From flushing toilets to outdoor hosepipes, many common uses are easy to overlook but can really add up in the long run. As well as taking a step in the right direction for the planet, knowing how to save water can definitely save you a few pennies down the line! Here Read More