Ensuring Your Property Looks The Same After Your Watermain Repairs

Many of our clients are worried that when we carry out leak location, water main repairs or replacements that they will end up with ugly trenches, flower beds ripped out or lawns spoiled during the process. Our engineers work hard to ensure that they leave the ground as close to how they find it as possible. Leak Detection Our engineers are very experienced in leak detection in Bracknell, Reading and across the South. In the Read More

What Are The Top 3 Signs That You Might Have A Water Leak

Water leaks are something nobody wants to be affected by. Obvious signs are the sounds of running water or discovering visibly damp areas around your property, but some signs of a water leak are not so obvious and may require leak detection in Swindon and across the South of England. Read on to find out the top three ways to detect a water leak early.

Low Water Pressure Low water pressure Read More

Step By Step Guide Of A Water Main Repair, Hamblin Blog

High water bills and low water pressure can both be signs of a leak in your water supply pipe, and unfortunately it’s something that most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. Calling out the specialists can be daunting when you don’t know what’s wrong or what the cost might be, but we here at Hamblin Watermains can take you through a step by step guide of how we go about repairing leaks in water supply pipes Read More