We Are Now Thames Water Approved Plumber, Hamblin Blog

At Hamblin Watermains we pride ourselves on our work and by carrying out our work in a professional manner and in line with industry standards it has enabled us to become Thames Water Approved Plumbers. The benefit to our clients of this is that we are able to self certify our work. If you do not use an approved plumber then you will need to leave the excavation open for Thames Water to view and then certify and only then can the Read More

Is It Possible To Have A Non-Visable Burst Pipe? Hamblin Watermains

Do you think you may have a burst water pipe? There are 2 types of burst pipe, visible and non-visible. With a visible leak you will be able to see some signs of the leak around your property. It may be that you can actually see the water flowing or maybe you have patio slabs that feel like they may have water underneath them. This is a simpler leak to fix and we will initially excavate at the source of the water and hopefully Read More

Water Leak Detection In The Bracknell Area, Hamblin Watermains

Do you live in Bracknell or the surrounding areas? Do you think you may have a leak on your water supply pipe but no visible signs of it. Maybe you can hear running water but can see no signs of it. Perhaps you have been advised by your local water board that you have a water supply pipe leak. If so then contact Hamblin Watermains and we will come out and give you a free of charge quotation to locate and repair your leak. Call us on Read More